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Manage your money.

Topping up Hype is as easy as snapping your fingers.Alessio will show you how by buying some gear to fix up his surf board.

Hype may be topped up in various ways.
Choose the right one for you.

Send money by bank transfer or credit card, request money from a contact, or use the top up function available at over 8,000 ATMs linked to the "QuiMultibanca" circuit. Take control, choose the solution best suited to your needs.


Hype also provides you with a traditional payment card.

You can use it to make purchases in stores linked to the Mastercard circuit. Even in contactless mode, simply placing it near the POS machine.

Not your stereo, your card.

You can "pause" your card with a simple tap whenever you don't need it, and no one will be able to use it. And to unblock your card, just tap again. No phone calls, emails or other procedures.

Simplify payments
with Hype Wallet.

Now you are able to use your e-wallet to register up to 5 cards, and pay for just about anything with your smartphone.


Use Hype
for your online purchases.

The payment card is linked to the Mastercard circuit. Top up the way you prefer, and shop online till you drop. Furthermore, over 6,000 online shops will soon include Hype among their payment options, activated by a simple tap of the dedicated button.

Come on board.

Try it, it's simple: all you need is a selfie and to upload a document.

Become a Hyper

Reach a goal.

Focus on what you want and reach your goals with ease.

Learn how


Money is just a tool

Money is just a tool