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HYPE stems from an ambition that is as simple as it is revolutionary: to make the use of money easier. The new idea developed by Banca Sella simplifies your banking transactions through the use of your smartphone, simply, quickly and totally free of charge. The system is enclosed in an app for iOS and Android devices. After downloading the app, registration is simple: all you need to do to become a Hyper is upload a selfie and an identity document.

HYPE is an electronic money account that grants you an IBAN and a payment card for all your purchases. You can buy online and, by requesting a traditional card free of charge, you can make purchases in all stores linked to the Mastercard circuit, also in contactless mode.

With HYPE, you can send or receive money by choosing a contact from your phonebook and entering the amount: the money will be transferred in real time. You can even exchange money with non Hypers, simply sending a small sum, such as the money for a coffee. Moreover, with HYPE you can obtain a customized plan to achieve your goals more quickly, and keep payments under control through the automatic categorization of expenses.

HYPE gets to know you better and better. Soon it will be able to offer you personalized deals based on what you like most and synchronized with the goals you have set. But that's not all. The app will be enriched with new features, designed to meet your needs. Because HYPE revolves around you and your wishes. After all, 'Money is just a tool'.

Come on board.

Try it, it's simple: all you need is a selfie and to upload a document.

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Money is just a tool

Money is just a tool