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Reach a goal.

Achieving your goals is easy with Hype.Alessio, for example, wants to set off and try out his surf board.Discover how he achieved his goal with ease.

Money is just a tool.

It helps you reach your goals. At the centre, lie your dreams. Hype helps you manage money to fulfil your dreams.


Fancy a dream trip?
Make a plan.

You'll know right away how much money to set aside each day. With the app, you can keep your plan's financial situation under control, receiving a notification every time you spend more than you should. This way, you can reach your goal faster. So get organising: what do you need to pack?

Every expense is part of your story.

With every purchase, you will receive a clear and simple notification. Every expense is automatically categorized according to the shop's trade name, and may be customized with a hashtag. You can easily search for purchases by location, date, type, retracing the last few months as if you were flipping through a scrapbook. Air ticket, hotel, Tate exhibition: that must be your weekend in #london!

Come on board.

Try it, it's simple: all you need is a selfie and to upload a document.

Register. It's free

Find deals.

Hype gets to know you better day after day. Get ready to receive personalized deals based on what you like most.

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Money is just a tool

Money is just a tool