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Exchange money.

With Hype, an instant is all it takes to exchange money with your contacts, just as Alessio did with his friend.

Send and receive money
like messages.

All you need is a cell phone or an email to transfer money in real time. At no cost, and with zero waiting time.

Send money

Contribute your share in a group gift.

Just select a contact and send your share. He will receive the money and your comment in real time.

Receive money

You may be paying for the pizza
but it doesn't mean you're offering.

Each friend will give you his share with Hype, and you will receive the money in real time.
Wasting no time exchanging cash and giving out the right change.

Send money to friends
who are not yet Hypers.

They'll read your message, in just a few steps they'll become Hypers and receive your money.
Spread the word. The world will change for the better if we all become Hypers.

Come on board.

Try it, it's simple: all you need is a selfie and to upload a document.

Register. It's free

Manage your money.

With Hype, you take total control of your money and of every payment.

Learn how


Money is just a tool

Money is just a tool