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Hype is an application that revolutionizes the way you manage money and brings you closer to what you want in life. You can send and request money from your friends, achieve new goals, make any kind of payment, and much more besides. Becoming a Hyper is simple, free and takes just a few minutes: all you need to do is take a selfie and upload an identity document.
You can download and use Hype on iPhone (IOS7 and IOS8 operating systems) and on all Android smartphones from version 4 onwards.
Yes. Hype is totally free to download and use. Start is the basic plan that allows you to send and receive up to € 500 a day at no cost. In one year, you can reach a maximum top up of € 2,500. We'll soon make more plans available with higher ceilings.
Becoming a Hyper couldn't be simpler: just download the app for iPhone or Android, enter the required data, and upload a front and back copy of your personal document directly from your smartphone, along with a selfie, for identification purposes.
When you have sent your data and photographs, we'll instantly confirm receipt by e-mail, after which it just takes 24 hours to come on board. We will notify you by text message and email.
Once we have activated your account, you can set your own password. You will be required to enter your password every time you access the application, to ensure maximum safety.
Sure. With Hype, you can pay online and you can also request a traditional card linked to the Mastercard circuit to shop in any store you want. Even in contactless mode, simply placing the card near the POS machine.
A virtual card has all the features of a traditional card, but is available in Hype. You can use it like a traditional payment card, to make purchases online.
Both the virtual and traditional cards are free.
Yes. With a simple tap of the application, you can block or "pause" your card so that no one can use it. Another tap will unlock the card, letting you use it once more.
Yes, sending money to hypers and non-hypes is completely free of charge.
With Hype, you can make any type of online and offline payment.
You can top up your Hype account by bank transfer, using any other credit card, requesting money from a contact, or using the top up function available at over 8,000 ATMs linked to the "QuiMultibanca" circuit.

Yes, all it takes is a tap to transfer money free of charge and in real time, without waiting a single second. You can even exchange money with non-Hypers. As soon as they become Hypers, the transfer is finalized.

Sending money

With the "Send Money" function, you can transfer money to another person.
  • If the recipient is a Hyper, the money is sent in real-time.
  • If the recipient is not yet a Hyper, you can invite him/her to become one by email or text message. He/she will receive a message and will be able to follow the procedure to become a Hyper and receive the money.
  • If the recipient is not yet a Hyper, you can invite him/her to become one using an associated IBAN code. In this case, he/she will receive the money as a bank transfer directly in his/her account.

Requesting money

With the "Request Money" function, you can request money from one or more people simultaneously. 
Requests for money can be made both to Hypers and to non-Hypers, by email or telephone. In this case, the recipient receives an email or text message, and can accept or reject the request for money. 
The request cannot be made using an IBAN code because the recipient must be able to decide whether or not to accept the request.

A goal is a wish, whatever you may want to buy. With Hype, can get set a plan that will suggest how much money to set aside each day to get what you want. You can keep your financial situation under control, receiving a notification every time you spend more than you should. In this way, achieving your goal will be easier and faster.
You can set which notifications to receive from the application in your dashboard.
To change your details, just log on to your "My Hype" dashboard and manage your profile, add and edit your bank details, set notifications and view your payment statistics.
Hype gets to know you gradually, suggesting personalized deals based on your interests. The deals may also include offers available in stores near you. This feature will soon be available.
Yes, you can close your account whenever you want.
Yes, you can close your account free of charge.

Come on board.

Try it, it's simple: all you need is a selfie and to upload a document.

Register. It's free


Money is just a tool

Money is just a tool